LPG Direct adapt to us.

As we own/run 4 chicken farms getting our LPG gas supply in York when we need it is essential, we have massive variation in our LPG gas usage from one week to the other depending on weather and our stock cycle to keep the young chicks at the temperature they need.

LPG Direct over the last 6 years have always adapted to our varying LPG gas demands, they make regular checks on to site to make sure they know what is happening with our LPG tank and our LPG gas supply and when we are getting new birds in so that they can be prepared to react quickly or deliver our LPG gas prior to their arrival.

They use a friendly “common Sense” approach to their LPG gas supply and we have personal mobile numbers for some staff members in case we need them in an emergency. We have built up a strong relationship with LPG Direct and even though we have 4 sites with approximately 27 LPG gas tanks servicing our sheds we never have to really think about our LPG gas supplier as we know LPG Direct will have us covered.

Mr & Mrs Mason – Poultry Rearers.