Fork Lift Trucks

LPG Direct can provide you with big savings in both time and money using our very own FLT Skid Units.

The flexibility of these installations due to our modular approach means that installations can be tailor made to suit the individual requirements of our customers.

Our customers benefit greatly from the smooth operation of Bulk supplied LPG powered Fork Lift Trucks. And we all benefit from the low emissions.

However, reducing emissions is only one of the many benefits you will enjoy when you choose Bulk LPG for your Fork Lift Trucks.

LPG Fork Lift Trucks Compared To Other Fuels Requirement

Requirement LPG Diesel Electricity
100% power delivery all day long
Can be used inside buildings
Suitable for all inside & outside work
Handles uneven terrain & steep inclines
Minimum maintenance time required
Fast & efficient refuelling operation
LPG burns cleanly, increasing engine life


FLT Skid Unit comes complete with:

  • Armco / steel box barrier
  • Safety signs
  • Dispensing gun & hose
  • Breakaway coupling
  • Motor & pump
  • Mounted on RSJ’s

Customer requirements

  • Area of hard standing
  • Electrical connection

Fork Lift Trucks – The Benefits:

  • A safe, reliable and cost-effective supply of LPG available 24 hours a day complete with free inspection, maintenance and training.
  • A complete refuelling solution contained in a tailor made modular ‘skid’ mounted unit giving excellent flexibility to suit all applications.
  • Installation needs only hard standing and a single phase 220/240-volt supply.
  • The cost of an onsite refilled 18KG ‘self-fill multi valve’ cylinder is substantially less than one purchased pre-filled from a supplier.
  • Reduce your overall costs by as much as 50% using the bulk LPG option.
  • No wastage as you don’t return any cylinders with unused gas in them.
  • Less down time on your trucks as refuelling takes only a couple of minutes.
  • Fewer deliveries on site as your LP Gas storage is in bulk and needs only to be topped up once every 3 to 4 weeks. This is carried out automatically on our ever popular ‘top-up’ delivery service by experienced delivery personnel.
  • No more unsightly stock piles of cylinders lying around the premises.
  • Lifting of heavy cylinders is eliminated as the 18KG ‘self-fill multi valve’ cylinders supplied stay mounted on the truck at all times. Less chance of injury.

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