Switch Domestic Supplier

Switch Supplier

Switching Domestic supplier is as easy as A, B, C and you could be surprised how much you could save. It doesn’t even cost you the price of a stamp to start saving!

A – CONTACT – Call us free on 0870 240 8048 (not a premium rate number) or e-mail us at (enquiries@lpgdirect.co.uk) using the contact form below.

B – VISIT – We will agree a 2 year supply agreemnt with you and if necessary arrange to come and see you at a time to suit you to complete a Site Survey and discuss how best we can tailor our service to your needs.

C – SWITCH – We will do the rest!

Thanks to the Competition Commission Regulations there is absolutely no hassle. Your curent LP Gas Tank stays in situ* and we purchase it from your current supplier in a simple paper work exercise which gives us ownership of the LP Gas Tank.

* Applies to domestic customer only


Your right to switch supplier is set out in the Domestic Bulk Liquefied Petroleum Gas Market Investigation Order a copy which can be accessed on the internet. A summary of the process of set out below

Stage 1 ; You request your new supplier to start the switch process

Stage 2 ; (within 3 working days) Your new supplier notifies your existing supplier in writing of your request

Stage 3 ; (within a further 5 working days) Your existing supplier replies to your new supplier and confirms

  • Whether you are eligible to switch (and if not why not…), and if so
  • Providing your new supplier with tank information such as ownership and technical information

Stage 4 ; (within a further 14 working days) the new supplier will tell the existing supplier if it wishes to purchase your tank and associated pipework of not :-

  • If the new supplier wishes to purchase, the price may be agreed but if there is no agreement the price will be fixed under the Order
  • If the new supplier elects not to purchase, the existing supplier is required to uplift the tank within 14 days and the new supplier will provide a replacement.

Neither supplier is entitled to charge you for anything they do in the Switch process.

For more information phone 08702 408048 today and start saving.