What is LPG

what is LPGLPG (Liquid petroleum Gas) is a by-product of the oil refining process which, until fairly recently, was burnt off as waste. But once the potential of this cleaner source of fuel was realised, it has gained increasing support as an environmentally friendly cooking, lighting, heating and automotive fuel, both in reducing global warming and improving air quality.


Here are just a few of the benefits of using LPG –

  • LPG produces very little CO2, has a low sulphur content and doesn’t produce the particles which can cause air pollution.
  • LPG burns completely without any soot build-up.
  • Compared to petrol, Autogas (as a vehicle fuel) emits 75% less carbon monoxide; 85% less carbohydrons; 40% less oxides of nitrogen and 70% less ozone.
  • Compared to diesel, Autogas emits 90% less particulates, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and 50% less oxides of nitrogen.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • No ground or water pollution hazards.
  • Less expensive than petrol or diesel.